For this project my group and I had come together as we had a similar idea of what we may like to do. We started by looking at general sexual assault cases on public transport as the one key element that we had to include in our concept was the topic of COMMUTER.

We looked at gender based crimes across the world to get a real idea of how big the problem was, which is incredible large and overwhelming. Due to the size and nature of our findings we decided to focus our concept down to public transport in Scotland and further from this, focusing on the rail network.

We now had our area of focus but now we had to decide on a way to broadcast this information and turn it into an exhibit that would create a sense of realism and allow people to become more aware about this topic.

Moving on from our research phase we decided that we would create an interactive and digital display to spread awareness of sexual harassments and assaults on the Scottish rail network.

On this project I took the lead in delegating tasks, organising collaborative pieces of tech and how our final exhibit would be showcased. 

The main parts of our early development was to create a plinth to hold our interactive map and screen, to create a mockup of the Arduino and lights that would showcase information in unison with our tannoy screen and voice over.

Moving on from this we linked all our tasks together to create our find concept and informative experience.

Our final deliverable featured:

- An exhibition piece

- Informative leaflet

- A surrealistic experience

- Interactive lighting
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