The first piece of work I was asked to do was for their new single 'Silent Alarm'. We got together and discussed some possible ideas and concepts for the art they wanted. The discussion was very vague as the band we not totally sure what they wanted to do but they likes the idea of old streets or lampposts as it gave off a good vibe.
We also talked about possible logo designs that could be featured on their merchandise but wanted to keep the design minimal and simple

For the album art I started to work towards a street scene that feature the bands name and the name of the single.

A few variations of the cover were made as there we slight lighting and design changes that needed to be made.

When designing the logo for their merchandise I ensured I kept it simple but effective, nothing too over powering and only text based design. I then produced the logo in various colours as the band wanted there to be colour options going into the future.

Deliverable for the band:

- Silent Alarm Single Cover

- One of a Kind Single Cover

- Merchandise logos and designs

- Promotional art work
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