I started my research by looking to the outdoors, this was a big inspiration as I spend a lot of my time in the Scottish Highlands walking. 

I visited Glen Doll a walking area that is local to me to find some inspiration for my concept. Sure enough I noticed a small wooden box on the ranger centre to record where wild campers were in the local area.

After locking onto this I wanted to dive deep into outdoor apps and their UI for some more inspiration. I also looked at the possibility of using GPS technology within my concept.


I started looking into GPS to get an understanding if it was a piece of tech that I could use. I got in touch with people from OS Maps for some guidance and opinions and they kindly gave me access to their work and some basic code that feature in their work as a starting point.

I also looked into using QR codes to hold and output desired information for my users. I wanted the user to be able to store their predetermined route within a code and access it at a later time.
Develop & Deliver
When I began to develop my concept In started with very basic wireframes and slowly layered my work with more content until it started to look and feel the way I wanted.

My concept was to be displayed on a tablet sized screen, this was beneficial as a lot of my users would be elderly and struggle to work small digital screens.
I also create a 3D CAD render to show how my concept may look in an outdoor environment
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