I started by conducting surveys, interviews and physical visits to see local animal care professionals.

Following this I visited a local veterinary practise for the day to talk to the veterinary staff and clients. 

I talked to the staff about specific health care questions regarding some possible features in my app. I spoke to the clients in a general discussion about their thoughts on such a concept and what they might like to see within it.


I gathered all my research from my visit and collected all the possible features I may want to include within my app. I had far too many thoughts so I ranked the different features from 1-15 and went from there.

I also collected some findings from possible users to contribute to my decision but I ensure that I remembered to do what I anted to do and not tailor my app to each individual users. Taking my inspiration from Henry Ford and the Simpsons for this thinking.


I started with basic wire framing and produced many iterations before transferring my work into Axure RP 9 to create more realistic and refined concept screens. I also combined graphics from Sketch to include my branding in the app.

Axure allowed me to create realtime transitions to allow the app to feel as real and refined as possible. I also used variables to hold and display new and constant informations across various screens within the app.

I created multiple videos to work along side my app to show the full functionality of my concept.

For this project as a whole I created and published multiple elements:

- 60 Page booklet to express my design process

- Multiple 'Great Images' to express my concept in a real environment

- A short folio showing my creative and raw process

- A working prototype

- Various videos to express my working prototype
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